The iPhone 4 as a Gaming Console

According to a recent survey, Apple’s iPhone 4 is one of its most successful devices. The hype created around the phone actually had one of the largest pre-order sales as compared to any other device. The much awaited device has features like high quality aluminosilicate glass which is much tougher than its counterparts or even plastic screen. The screen is also recyclable which gives it major brownie points in today’s eco friendly society. The LCD screen is one iPhone 4′s major pride and joy. The screen boasts a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch which really boosts the resolution and clarity.

Although the screen is much more durable as compared to its touch screen counterparts, it is not totally impervious to damage. Cell phone accessories are crucial to protect the phone from getting damaged or destroyed. A phone is considered a life line in the current day and age and any form of damage can be extremely costly both monetarily and emotionally. One of the most important iPhone 4 accessories would be a hands free headset. The headsets allow you to not only keep your hands free but also enable you to keep your phone safely in your pocket or bag while you continue talking. This greatly minimizes chances of dropping your phone. Although these are not enough to save your phone from damage; which is why there are other accessories like iPhone 4 leather cases which can provide additional protection for your

With the amount of time and money we invest in getting a perfect phone, protecting it becomes that much more important. Cell phone accessories allow us to take care of our investment while giving a unique look. iPhone 4 accessories come in a wide range with not just a protection purpose but also personalization. Faceplates are common and popular items that help add a touch of character to a phone. These covers come in a large variety of colors and designs that can be suitable to users with varied tastes and interests. Decorative items, however, are not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence there are more simple accessories like iPhone 4 leather cases that help protect the phone and give it a simple and efficient look.

The iPhone 4 comes with an in built three axis gyroscope which provides enhanced motion sensor and full 3D attitude. This will provide better user experience when it comes to gaming thus making it one of iPhone 4′s biggest plus points. iPhone 4 leather cases are a great way of protecting your phone giving it a sedate and simple look. These iPhone 4 Accessories generally come in shades of brown and black and a preferred choice for business or professional users. These cases also come with a belt clip which enables you to keep your hands free by just hooking on the phone to your waist. With a wide variety of cell phone accessories, you can enhance your iPhone 4 and provide it a much longer life.